About us

We are a sustainable warehouse developer focused on the Polish market – the second fastest growing market in Europe.
We are a developer of warehouse and industrial spaces.

We manage construction, rent space, source land and develop sustainable and modern logistics buildings throughout the country.

Our goal is simple – to be the developer that leads the change in the Polish market place by being sustainable, transparent and behaving with integrity.

We will develop our company based on three main pillars:

One sector

  • Global trade has more than doubled over the last 20 years.
  • E-commerce is further driving additional demand in the sector.
  • Low duration and technology risk compared to alternative asset classes.
  • Increasing volumes in tenant demand is underpinning record capital inflows.

One market

  • 2nd fastest growing market and 8th largest market in the EU.
  • 5m m2 in leasing activity per year of which half is new development.
  • 87% of new construction is delivered by 3 developers.

One team

  • Core team of 18 seasoned professionals with an average of 20 years market relationships, complementary skill sets and outstanding track records.
  • Partnership is based around the core values: trust, fairness, balance and freedom.
  • Responsible for entire investment process including land acquisition, construction, commercialization, and the sale of the asset.

All these pillars set the direction of our activities. We invite you learn all about our values and plans for the future.

We are determined to...

Build the best logistics centers in Poland

Good logistics centers in Poland, which are built on the basis of the principle of sustainable development. As MDC², we have the ambition to provide innovative and unique warehouse spaces. For a business tailored to the 21st century.

Be a leading warehouse developer

A warehouse developer is a huge responsibility. Both for enabling favorable conditions for development for tenants and being responsible for the environment. We are on the pathway to achieving a zero-carbon footprint.

At MDC2, we focus on environmentally friendly solutions. We believe in sustainable development. Moreover, our goal is to establish commercial cooperation with companies based on the win-win principle. Together, we can achieve more. As an entrepreneur, you gain a place for business development, and we improve our logistics centers in Poland.

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In addition, we are constantly improving our competencies and we move with the times, while maintaining sustainable development in harmony with the environment – we are ecological and we look forward to the future and build warehouses for the 21st century.

We are professionals

As professional warehouse developers, we provide optimal and tailored solutions for tenants.

We cooperate

Our logistics centres in Poland are an important element of the sustainable development and therefore we cooperate with the entire market.

We are responsible

We understand the needs of the changing world and, as MDC², we feel responsible for the projects we carry out at every stage of its development.

Our actions best illustrate who we are – individually and as a well-coordinated team.

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