Let's get to know each other even better. Our team consists of people with many years of experience and a vision of ecological business development for the 21st century.
Board of Directors
David Henriques
Chairman of the Board (Non-Executive)
David is the Executive Chairman of Azur Group Holdings Ltd, an Insurance Managing Digital Agency who partners with global Insurance Carriers and Brokers to build, underwrit...
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Rob Trevor
Board Member (Non-Executive)
Rob is a sector specialist in Industrial and logistics with responsibility for asset management, transactions and joint ventures. An active member of the European Logistics...
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Executive Management Board
Hadley Dean
Hadley has been successfully operating in Poland for over 20 years where he is recognised for growing businesses and consistently outperforming the market place....
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Maciej Madejak
Chief Development Officer, Founder
Maciej has over 25 years of warehouse development experience in Poland and during this period of time he held management level positions in the leading industrial developme...
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Jeremy Cordery
Chief Operations Officer, Founder
Jeremy Cordery, Chief Operations Officer and Founder, is responsible for ESG directives, construction, corporate governance, compliance and ensuring proper legal oversight....
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Peter Love
Financial Director
Most recently he was a director of Joint Ventures at EPP responsible for financial reporting and treasury management of €80m office portfolio....
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Development Department
Wojciech Kosiór
Head of Development
As a Head of Development at MDC2 and is responsible for project development in Central and Northern Poland....
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Katarzyna Dudzik
Development Director
Development Director at MDC2 within the Southern Poland team....
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Andrzej Lasocki
Development Director
Andrzej Lasocki was appointed Development Director at MDC2 within the Northern Poland team....
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Adrian Winiarek
Development Director
Development Director at MDC2 within the Southern Poland team....
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Izaleba Ciżyńska
Development Coordinator
Izabela Ciżyńska is a Development Coordinator at MDC2's Development team. Her responsibilities include a coordination of development and commercial processes within the tea...
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Construction Department
Piotr Kowalski
Head of Construction
Piotr Kowalski was appointed as Head of Construction at MDC2 and will be responsible for supervising all construction projects....
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Jacek Lipiński
Construction Director
Jacek Lipiński was appointed as Construction Director at MDC2 with the responsibility of overseeing and managing the construction of warehouse and industrial projects devel...
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Bartłomiej Kazirod
Project Director
Bartłomiej Kazirod is a Project Director at MDC2 working within the construction team. ...
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Gerard Szabla
Senior Project Manager
Gerard Szabla was appointed as a Senior Project Manager at MDC2 responsible for managing construction projects developed by the company....
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Elżbieta Koncewicz
Construction Coordinator
Construction Coordinator at MDC² and works within its Operations and Construction team. Her role is to manage and support the work of the team including maintaining the pro...
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Marketing and Administration Department
Magdalena Cieliczko
Head of Marketing
Magdalena Cieliczko is a Head of Marketing at MDC2 responsible for communication and marketing activities of the company....
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Paula Piątkowska
Office Manager
Paula Piątkowska is an Office Manager at MDC². She supports the management team in everyday operations and takes care of all administrative and office activities....
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