Building for good(s)

We are an ESG focused developer of warehouses; our goal is to provide environmentally friendly efficient logistics and distribution buildings. Let's get to know each other.

We focus on ecological solutions in our development process, caring for future generations. This is why we build all our warehouse and distribution centres from the ground up in accordance with the idea of sustainable development.

We build to BREEAM New Construction – Excellent certification; all our properties come equipped with amenities, such as: electric car chargers, photovoltaic panels, grey water recycling. We also take care of the people who use our buildings on a daily basis. We provide, among other things, outdoor sports facilities. Find out more about our approach to sustainability.

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Maciej Madejak to become Chief Development Officer of MDC2
MDC2 – a developer of sustainable warehouse and industrial space operating on the Polish market – announced a new key hire – Maciej Madejak, effective January 3, 2022, is appointed as a Chief Development Officer, Founder, and a member of the management board.
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