What is the date of availability of the rental space?

All information regarding the availability of space is kept up-to-date on our website. The easiest way to find an interesting property and check availability is in the “Building plans” section.

How can I check the space available for rent?

We encourage you to use our search engine. It offers the possibility of checking the status of individual spaces and buildings. All necessary information can also be found on the pages of specific warehouses. We encourage you to read the “Warehouses for rent” section >>>

What is the fire resistance of the buildings?

Fire load on all properties above 4,000 MJ / sq m

What is the height of storage?

The height of each warehouse, and thus the height of storage, is 12 meters.

What is the maximum floor resistance?

The maximum load capacity of the floor, i.e. the resistance mentioned in the question, is 7 tonnes per square meter. This is the standard for all our warehouses.

How many docks are there per 1000 sq m?

The area of docks to the entire area ratio is 1/800 sq m. In practice, this means that there is one dock for every 800 square meters.

Are there parking spaces for trucks?

Yes, we provide parking spaces for trucks. We realize that proper cooperation with shipping companies and suppliers of goods requires appropriate conditions for trucks. That is why each of our distribution centres has separate places where drivers will be able to park and spend their statutory time of rest.

Are there any environmentally-friendly solutions included in the standard?

Yes. The idea of sustainable development is very familiar to us. All our properties are equipped with numerous pro-ecological solutions, this including: electric car charging stations, the use of greywater, a rainwater recycling and collection system, or renewable heat sources from solar panels.

The details on sustainable development are available here >>>

Is it possible to include service charges in a flat rate of rental?

We have been cooperating with large enterprises for many years. Therefore, we are well aware that each large organization has a different demand for energy, which translates to high differentiation of operating fees. Therefore, it is not possible to set a flat-rate fee for these costs. It is important to us that our business partners have fair and competitive rental conditions.

What are the reasons for the higher rental costs?

Each of our properties is designed to leave the smallest amount of carbon footprint possible. We care for the future of both business and the future generations. We invest in ecological solutions with the aim of ensuring lower operating costs for our tenants in the long run. We include these investments in the rate of rental. We are striving for a zero-carbon footprint, which we want to achieve as early as 2023.

Do the properties include access to fibre-optic?

We aim to choose locations that are close to the fibre-optic network. Nevertheless, this is not always possible. Detailed information is available in the offer brochures, as well as on the subpages of individual properties. We encourage you to get familiar with them >>>

Do the properties include two independent power sources?

Yes, we care about the comfort and safety of the business that our tenants conduct. This is why two independent power sources are the standard on all properties.

Are charging stations for electric cars available?

Yes, we have such a solution as standard in every property. We care about ecology and adhere to the principles of sustainable development.

Will greywater be used in the within the properties?

Yes, this is one of the key initiatives to reduce the environmental impact. This is why all our properties are equipped with an additional greywater circuit. This will help to reduce the need for drinking water in equipment and processes where greywater is completely sufficient.

Are the properties located in the vicinity of the public transport network?

Detailed information on this subject is available in the sections that are related to the specific properties. Not all of our facilities are located in the immediate vicinity of the public transport network. We encourage you to get familiar with our offer of warehouses for rental >>

Do you offer assistance in obtaining tax incentives?

This is a matter that we agree individually with each tenant. We encourage you to contact us regarding this matter:


Is the gas obtained from the mains or from a tank?

Not all properties include a connection to the gas network. Detailed information regarding this issue is available in the sections related to specific buildings, as well as in the information brochure. We encourage you to get familiar with our offer of warehouses for rental >>>

What is the minimum rental period?

We care about long-term relationships with our tenants. That’s why the minimum rental period is 3 years.

Can I resign from the rental of the space earlier?

This is possible. Detailed conditions regarding the early resignation from renting the space will be included in the bilateral agreement. In the case of interest in a specific property, please contact us. We will send you a contract template.


Can a logo be installed on the roof or facade of the building?

Yes, there is such possibility. Details of such a promotion from the company shall be determined at the stage of negotiating the terms of the rental. They shall be included in the contract or in the form of an annex, which will be prepared for an already existing contract.

Is there a possibility of building a mezzanine for the preparation and shipment of goods?

These types of mezzanines are not the basis of our properties. Nevertheless, it is possible to build it at the request of the tenant. Please ask the caretaker of the selected building for details. The list of contact persons is available in the “Contact” section >>>

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