MDC² Park Gliwice Local Involvement

Social commitment has a special place in conducting a sustainable business. For years, charity has been helping to solve important social and environmental problems. This awareness is also growing rapidly in the commercial property sector. Supporting social and charitable organisations helps to improve the living conditions of the society. Social issues constitute an important part of the ESG strategy implemented by MDC2.

MDC² has developed MDC2 Park Gliwice located in Upper Silesia. According to forecasts, this facility will achieve the highest possible level of sustainability certification (‘Outstanding’) for warehouse buildings under the BREEAM New Construction certification.

At MDC2, the ESG policy is part of the company’s DNA. In addition to implementing the most innovative environmental solutions in the building and taking care of the climate, the developer also focuses on well-being . Therefore, with the launch of MDC2 Park Gliwice, the company decided to get involved in supporting local initiatives in Gliwice. In October this year, it decided to sponsor the Table Tennis Club – KTS (Klub Tenisa Stołowego) Gliwice – and thus became the official sponsor of the team. As part of this cooperation, the team adopted the official name KTS MDC² Park Gliwice.

KTS MDC² Park Gliwice organises sports activities for people of all ages. Through the MDC² Park Gliwice project, MDC² sponsors the 1st Southern Group League (there are two groups – Northern and Southern), whose players compete in individual tournaments both in Poland and around the world. At the end of this year’s season, the players will have a chance to play in the playoffs to advance to the Super League.

“Sport certainly contributes to social well-being. As a sports club we take part in this process. We want to show people that everyone can play table tennis, regardless of age and gender. We appreciate the decision of MDC2Park Gliwice to sponsor the first league team. It gives us a chance to develop and the players a chance to continue on the road to success. Currently, commitment to sport is very important. It is encouraging that MDC2understands this and opens up new opportunities for us.” – says Dariusz Steuer, President of KTS Gliwice.

Well-being in general is an extremely important issue for MDC2. In its policies, MDC2 respects values close to every human being, such as mutual trust, honesty and support, freedom of expression and work-life balance.

“A modern warehouse operates in symbiosis with its users. We pay particular attention to the wellbeing of employees, tenants and guests of its warehouse parks. In this approach, we also go beyond by becoming involved in the life of local communities. We are committed to making social issues an important part of our activities, in which we are happy to engage. In this way, we are also raising awareness of the importance of these issues within the warehouse industry.” – says Katarzyna Dudzik, Development Director at MDC2.

In addition to sports, MDC2 also provides financial support to those in need. The developer is involved in supporting the Home for Mothers with Small Children and Pregnant Women and the Hostel for People in Crisis, including those who have experienced violence – located in Gliwice. They operate as part of the activities of the Crisis Intervention Centre, which is subordinated to the Social Welfare Centre (OPS) in Gliwice (OPS is a unit that performs the task of the Municipal Office in Gliwice). The House for Mothers with Small Children and Pregnant Women provides 24-hour temporary accommodation for mothers with small children and pregnant women as well as fathers with small children and other persons caring for children who have found themselves in situations of crisis.

The hostel provides short-term assistance in the form of shelter to families in crisis in the broadest sense, including families affected by a violence. The centre’s activities are aimed at single parents who find themselves in a life crisis and are in need for support.

“Kindness and willingness to help are very important. We are happy that MDC2 sees the need to support single parents and their children in need. The help we have received also confirms the understanding and respect for what we do and, above all, the desire to prevent the suffering of another human being.” – says Elżbieta Jakucewicz-Kowaluk, Manager of the Crisis Intervention Centre in Gliwice, OPS Gliwice.

The support provided by MDC2 Park Gliwice includes funding for therapies to reduce stress and tension and restore balance. These therapies will be provided free of charge to those in crisis. It is expected that the project will bring benefits that will encourage an increase in the involvement of the individuals in the field of working towards changing one’s life.

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